IT Asset Management Assessment

A thorough understanding of the issues our customers face and the needs they have, supports the implementation of our services and solutions in an efficient way and with a short term ROI. The deliverable of Takso 360™, our comprehensive IT Asset Management Assessment methodology, is an actionable implementation plan.

The first phase in Takso 360™ is to deeply understand the current situation across a variety of topics. Interviews, questionnaires and workshops provide the input for the analyses phase. Systems, data and resources are assessed as well as ITAM areas such as acquisition management, policy management, compliancy management, disposal management and security.

The result from the analyses phase is a set of (actionable) deliverables, such as recommended “quick wins” and obviously an ITAM development plan. What makes the Takso 360™ methodology unique is that the ITAM development plan is handed over to internal- and external resources. This is to ensure the right resources are involved moving forward.

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