Cybersecurity and Privacy Education

Kresko 360, through a partnership with MediaPro, can provide customers with a wide range of security awareness, privacy awareness and corporate compliance training.

As long as technology-based security systems do not provide perfect protection, people play an undeniable role in an organization’s overall security and risk posture. End-user-focused security education and training is needed to influence the security behaviors of employees. MediaPros philosophy on employee awareness programs is illustrated in the so called Adaptive Awareness Framework, a flexible, continuous education model that includes analysis, planning, training, and reinforcement. The training uses a variety of content formats, lengths and styles (e.g. gamification, humor, videos) to increase information absorption and achieve sustainable results.

MediaPro’s training and awareness products are localized in many languages and have won more than 100 international awards for learning and communication excellence. More than five million users have been trained.

Given the training portfolio, content and customization needed to be effective for most organizations the “buy or build” question is easy to answer.

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